Bed Linen
Bed linen set

Bed linen set "Gobelin Nightfall"


Modern classic is something that requires a descent accent in a darker interior. Fading blue tones are mixed with sepia shades will help to create really relaxing mood at Your home. Hand painted details will create heritage since. This design has additional finishing to create a special texture so You will be able to enjoy special sense.

Fabric: 100% cotton, sateen, easy care 

Quality: TC270

*Single: 140x200, 1x50x70 cm
*Double: 220x200, 2x50x70 cm
*Not your size? We do custom orders!

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Dreams that inspire: creative, aesthetic and smart bed linen, blankets, and textile solutions of casual look for the modern lifestyle.   We are a small team dedicated to design and sty 3

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